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Postbiotics: The Next Generation Pet Microbiome Solutions Beyond Probiotics

Posted on 9 Sep 2023

The Indonesian International Pet Expo (IIPE) 2023 at ICE, BSD City Indonesia on 1-3 September 2023 was an illustrious pet exhibition where one gets to see wild animals being brought along just like any normal companion animals.

To name a few: otters, iguanas, monitor lizards, albino phyton all showed up among the canine and feline groups. Hell ya!

This hybrid event of B2C and B2B was a great opportunity for us to create a better awareness in the archipelago about postbiotics, to showcase our brand FURMENT, and most importantly the pet microbiome solutions pet owners so often desperately seek.

Soft stools, diarrhoea, skin disorders like atopic dermatitis are among the most common issues pet parents encounter.

The good news is in FURMENT postbiotics, we have the solutions to improve gut health, immune health, and skin health.

To many pet owners, postbiotics are a novel idea. The same goes for veterinarians who might be familiar with prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics, but not postbiotics. Afterall, postbiotics are the latest advancement in microbial science and in the microbiome space. 

Being the pioneer of functional postbiotics in veterinary care and pet care, we are committed to introduce postbiotics to the very ecosystems we are in.

During IIPE, there was a concurrent side event for veterinarians.  In one of the sponsor sessions, our Co-founder, Antony Leo, had the opportunity to introduce postbiotics to the Indonesian vet circles and the immediate postbiotics solutions to be used in veterinary care. 

Our objective is to help veterinarians improve their prognosis ranging from azotemia, chronic kidney disease (CKD), antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, acute diarrhoea associated with parvovirus, coronavirus, as well as the gut-skin axis approach in remedying broad spectrum skin disorders. In other words, the most common health issues that render a vet visit.

This brief event allowed us to share knowledge with vets and pet owners on what postbiotics are all about. It was very much a postbiotics 101.

One common question we got was “What are the key difference between postbiotics and probiotics?”

Besides higher efficacy, postbiotics offer many advantages of over probiotics peers when it comes to applications, such as:

  • Postbiotics can be administered together with antibiotics whenever required
  • Postbiotics are safe for newborn and can be administered to immunocompromised group
  • Postbiotics do not require refrigeration
  • Postbiotics are a lot more stable and have longer shelf-life

IIPE 2023 was a good introductory event for us to showcase postbiotics as the next-generation pet microbiome solutions beyond probiotics. 

We will certainly be back in 2024 with a more complete offering. 




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