Bundle: Postbiotics Gel & Postbiotics Plus Gel - 15ml each

Enjoy 5.1% off when you purchase a combo of FURMENT Postbiotics Gel, and Postbiotics Plus Gel.

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1 x 15gr Gel - FURMENT Postbiotics Plus Gel - a quick remedy for diarrhoea.

1 x 15gr Gel - FURMENT Postbiotics Gel - improve healthy gut microbiome and quick boost to immune health.

Standby FURMENT Postbiotics Plus Gel for a peace of mind, and save hassle of scrambling for fast remedy when diarrhoea strikes.

Once issue is resolved and stools are healthy, remaining gel may be kept in reserve for future use if required.

Maintenance doses may be continued with daily supplementation of FURMENT Postbiotics Gel to keep your pets gut healthy after a diarrhoea episode.


FURMENT Postbiotics Plus Gel is a Miiiome postbiotics formula to remedy digestive disorders such as diarrhoea and food poisoning.

FURMENT Postbiotics Gel is a Miiiome postbiotics formula to support gut and immune health, and also suitable to help with indigestion, recovery after illness or surgery, inflammation, constipation.

Fast Acting and Highly Palatable, both FURMENT Postbiotics Plus Gel and FURMENT Postbiotics Gel are:

  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Suitable for use with antibiotics should it be required
  • Suitable for immunocompromised pets


Both gels come in measured syringe dose for precise and direct administration.

FURMENT Postbiotics Plus Gel works by:

  • Absorbing and removing toxins in gut
  • Firming loose stools
  • Healing and soothing inflamed digestive tract
  • Boosting immunity

FURMENT Postbiotics Gel supports pets health through these mechanisms:

  • Balances and stabilises the gut microbiome
  • Improves immunity and digestive health, especially for pets with sensitive gut
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Encourages healthy appetite
  • Aids recovery from illness

FURMENT gels are products of advanced microbial fermentation to support healthy gut microbiome (i.e. to rejuvenate beneficial bacteria, suppress pathogens), and enhance immune health.

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